Thursday 22 April 2010

That breakdown in full

So people have started asking about the Guardian web tool - which is great.

One question I've been asked is about the full, detailed breakdown of UK emissions. Due to reasons of space, it's not possible to have a slider for everything on the Guardian tool - but there's a fairly detailed (approximate) breakdown of UK emissions sitting behind it. It's all in the data and references sheet here - but that isn't the most user-friendly of documents (sorry) so I thought I'd reproduce the full breakdown below - hope you find it useful!

This first table lists the emission sources by approximate theme (click to enlarge):

This second table shows the same information, but ranked in order of size (click to enlarge):

Some important things to note:

- All figures are approximate. Decimal places are included for reasons of clarity - the figures are almost certainly not accurate to this level!
- All figures are from 2007
- Imported goods refers to net imports - exported emissions have been deducted from this total (from this study)
- "British tourists overseas" refers to the emissions created by UK residents' travels abroad - not from flights, but from transport, acommodation etc. at their holiday destination. The emissions from foreign travellers doing the same things in the UK has been deducted from this total, to give a net figure (calculated by Dieter Helm)

Hope this is useful - I'll happily answer any questions in the comments below!


  1. I am interested in the supply chain carbon tool - can you enlighten me on the nuts and bolts?

  2. Happy to help if I can - d'you mean the supply chain carbon calculations I'm doing for Oxfam, or the bits of the Guardian calculator that deal with material consumption? Let me know exactly what you're trying to calculate and I'll send you any advice I can...

  3. Love the carbon calculator as it's the first time I had seen carbon in UK imports included. Very telling it is too! I had read the report by Dieter Helm but your tool makes it all more interactive. Have you tried any of these arguments on young people when you visit schools? Do you think they grasp the importance of reducing material consumption?

  4. Hi,
    Only just stumbled across your carbon calculator tool which looks very impressive. I created my own which you may be interested in based on David Mackay's Without the Hot Air. It's available at:


  5. Thanks BPK - I'll check it out.



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