Professional Carbon Footprinting

Over the last fifteen years, I've worked on sustainability projects for small and large businesses, national and local government, the education sector, NGOs, large public sector bodies, and the media. Until October 2008, I was a lead analyst at the highly respected footprinting consultancy Best Foot Forward, working on a wide range of footprinting projects including electrical product manufacture, agriculture, food processing, local authority carbon monitoring, retailers, offices, and national government. 

I became freelance in 2008, mainly to spend time working on other things but also to allow me to be more choosy about the footprinting work I take on. Far too many carbon footprinting  projects are token exercises at best, and downright greenwash at worst; labelling schemes  or corporate box-ticking projects that do little to reduce carbon emissions or drive significant change. I now only work on projects where I am confident that my work will result in lower carbon emissions. With this in mind, I offer a special discount rate for charities, small green businesses and campaign groups, to allow them to access a professional carbon footprinting service that might otherwise be out of their reach.

Since 2009, I have calculated the carbon footprint of Oxfam GB’s supply chain, and built a groundbreaking interactive model of the UK carbon economy with the Guardian web team. I am the lead external carbon analyst for Christian Aid and ActionAid, and the main researcher behind the Two Energy Futures interactive infographic. I hold a BSc in Environmental Biology, an MSc in Nature, Science and Environmental Policy and an MProf in Leadership for Sustainable Development from Forum for the Future.