Cyc du Soleil - the cycle solar powered stage

I'm a co-founder and co-ordinator of this project - see below for more information:

Recycling the sun: a stage beyond carbon

Cyc du Soleil is an exciting new demonstration of sustainable technology in action. We harness both renewable and creative energy to run high-quality, low-carbon entertainment around the UK

Making a song and dance about the environment

We combine energy from solar panels and bicycle generators in an electrifying ‘cyclosunthesis’. The electricity produced has the capacity to run a 500W PA system, amps, stage lights and a CD mixer or decks. In addition to the lively poetry slams and spoken word performances for which Hammer & Tongue is renowned, we also use the system to showcase musicians, DJs and interactive poetry workshops.

Ride and Shine

We can run a stage at any event and in any location without the need of a mains supply. The constant drone of the petrol generator is replaced by the gentle whirr of bicycle wheels. If silent running is required we can run the system on fully charged batteries.

Bright Ideas

By involving both audience and performer in the generation of music and spoken word, Cyc du Soleil creates an interactive performance dynamic. From the word go audiences are engaged and participating with their bodies.

We also aim to promote and support performers with a sustainability message, and provide them with a stage at festivals and other events. Hammer and Tongue has a wide network of artists performing environmentally themed material in an engaging and dynamic way.

Light entertainment

At festivals and events across the country we are demonstrating a way in which entertainment can be run without the burning of fossil fuels. A typical diesel-powered acoustic stage at a UK festival produces around 46 kg of CO2 for a four-hour gig – the same as driving a car 140 miles, or leaving a 40-watt light bulb switched on for 95 days. With our system, it’s possible to avoid these emissions whilst still providing top-notch entertainment. 

Putting on a good gigawatt

We can provide a range of options to suit your needs – from basic cycle generator hire to a full sun-and-pedal-powered festival stage complete with performers and a range of events. Please contact us to discuss what we can offer you.

What they say about us

“Hammer and Tongue really added a new dimension to our Sounds like Summer event, the cycle powered sound system was very popular as the audience could really take part…it was just what we were looking for to make our event more eco friendly and in keeping with the nature reserve surroundings. Hammer and Tongue held the programme together well and provided some unusual acts to perform on the day”

[Jenny Crook, Community Liason Officer, Natural England]

"The Hammer & Tongue Pedal Powered Stage combines music, prose and levity with good old fashioned showmanship for the ultimate oratory delight! My personal festival highlight!"

[Aemi Blaza, Director of Arcane Festival]

Get in Touch

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To discuss costs and availability please contact us via cycdusoleil[at]